How to care for your Vinyl LP's

To insure the Best fidelity from your records these steps should be followed.

Clean: Clean each side properly with a good record cleaner like the VPI - HW16.5 or HW17 record cleaner (or similar) using the fluid supplied, normally 2 complete revolutions per side using enough solution to wet the surface and then vacuumed off.

Protect & Restore: Once the record is clean it should be treated to protect it with Gruv Glide - II (or similar). This will rid the static charges from the surface and eliminate further groove damage. At this point the record will actually sound better due to the clean lubricated grooves and the disappearance of stylus chatter. You will need to Re-Do this procedure after every 12 plays or so depending upon tracking force.

Save: When you are done listening then put the record back into a clean sleeve and slip the record (cover and all) into a Poly bag (face up) to protect from moisture during storage (do not lay flat). New sleeves & Poly Bags can be found at most Record Stores or websites too numerous to mention.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions you can contact me and I will try to help. Happy Listening!


Resources are:

VPI Industries

Gruv Glide

Equipment Available at Audio Classics

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